Commercial Roof Repair in Denver

C&T Roof Repair, Commercial Roof Repair in Denver, offers unbeatable service for commercial clients. We consider ourselves to be the #1 company in Denver for commercial roof repair, but we also offer re-roof and maintenance services. We offer advanced commercial roof repair services such as leak detection and roof system audits and performance enhancements that can save thousands in dollar-year facilities costs by extending the life of your current commercial roof.

Of course a large amount of our calls are for emergency commercial roof repair calls in the greater Denver metro area. We offer 24 hour on-call emergency services to inspect and advise on your best options in order to save money on excessive damages or unnecessary repairs. With decades of experience, C&T Roof Repair has seen it all. We’ve worked with manufacturers on unique and challenging obstacles for years to develop advanced methods of diagnosing and advising on exactly what you need to move past the current crisis.

Our Commercial Roof Repair Services include:

Roof Repair
Roof Restoration
Roof Replacement
Roof Build Engineering
Hail and other weather catastrophes
Roofing substrates including: PVC, EPDM, TPO, Bitumen, Built-up, Ballasted and other advanced roofing systems.
Insurance claims assistance
Free Estimates
Because we know that your job cannot wait, we offer fast turnaround on quotes and options for your project so you aren’t left waiting with a growing problem. We’ve worked with and advised a dynamic mix of clients on their commercial roof repair projects.

Extra Damage to Commercial Roof Due to Negligence

signs of negligence in a commercial roof repair project in denver
Extra damage in a commercial roof repair project in Denver due to negligence in maintaining the old roof.

Commercial Roof Repair Flashing Issue

Commercial Roof Repair of a Skylight on a Low Slope Roof
Commercial Roof Repair of Flashing on a Commercial Roof with major leak due to poor counter flashing.

Pitch Pans Installed Wrong Causing a Leak

Pitch pans installed poorly, causing a leak in a low slope roof..
Pitch pans are a common cause for leaks. Many of our Commercial roof repair projects involve problems with the installation of pitch pans.

Historic Building Flat Roof Repair

Historic Building Roof Repair, flat roof.
This historic building had special needs due to it's age and it's flat roof construction. We had to resolve poor planning with the roof during a prior code retrofit project.